[Mamonde] Probiotics Ceramide Intense Cream 60ml

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[Mamonde] Probiotics Ceramide Intense Cream 60ml

  • Probiotics Ceramide Intense Cream contains 3% high content of Ceramide : We made micro-biome ingredients containing three effects of moisture and moisturization, strengthening barriers, and calming moisture for healthy skin barriers and Momonde’s technology.
  • It protects the skin from external irritation and maintains a moist and healthy skin condition : It is a hypoallergenic 100-hour barrier cream that can be used safely even for sensitive skin, which quickly strengthens the weakened skin barrier and does not irritate the skin with a comfortable feeling of use.
  • 7-layer Ceramide ingredients take care of the moisturizing barrier in the skin and strengthen the natural strength of the skin : With 30,000 ppm of 7-layer Ceramide, you can feel the moisturizing and healthy skin barrier with a 100-hour moisturizing barrier that fills up from the inside.

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