NCT DREAM - JAPAN 1st Single 'Best Friend Ever' (Limited Edition)

Version: MARK ver.
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NCT DREAM - JAPAN 1st Single 'Best Friend Ever' (Limited Edition)

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* Date of Release : 2023. 2. 08 (Feb 13th)
Estimated Shipment Date: Sequentially shipped from Feb 13th

NCT DREAM releases their first single to celebrate their Japan tour. This edition features a member's picture on the disc surface, a lyrics poster (1 out of total 7 at random) and AR trading card (1 out of total 7 at random). Also includes an application serial number (valid only in Japan)

Gift to all purchasers : 1 sticker (Random 1ea out of 7ea)

1. Version

  • MARK ver.
  • RENJUN ver.
  • HAECHAN ver.
  • JAEMIN ver.
  • JENO ver.
  • CHENLE ver.
  • JISUNG ver.

2. Tracklist 

  • GLITCH MODE (Japanese ver.) / NCT DREAM



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