[SGS] NCT DREAM 'Glitch Mode' Tote Bag Deluxe Box with 2nd Bonus Photo Card

حفظ $45.80

سعر البيع$48.57 سعر عادي$94.37


* Date of Release : 2023. 01. 04
(Shipping may be delayed depending on SM Global Shop's schedule)


<Item Spec>

- CD

- Tote bag (14 * 15.25 inch)

- SGS exclusive selfie photo card (Random1 out of 7)

 - 2nd SGS exclusive selfie bonus photo card (Random1 out of 7)

*Note - The Lanyard  and the Protective Card Sleeve are two separate items and are not intended to be used together.

• Order Processing Time: (1-3 days, 3-5 days during high volume) after order confirmation. Make sure your address is in English at check-out. 

• Notice: Pre-Orders have a strict no cancellation policy

• This is an official release from SM Entertainment


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