ATEEZ - ZERO : FEVER Part.2 (Random Ver.)

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ATEEZ - ZERO: FEVER Part.2 (Random Ver.)

* Date of Release : 2021. 03. 02

ملحوظة: الضرر الخارجى للصندوق ليس سببًا للتعويض أو الاستبدال. يمكن الاستبدال فقط فى حالة تلف المنتج من الداخل

  • OUT BOX : 157 x 217 x 28mm
  • BOOKLET :  96p (different version different contents)
  • STICKER : 1ea (different version different contents)
  • POST CARD : 8ea (1set)
  • PHOTOCARD : 1ea (Random 1ea out of 14ea)
  • POSTER : 1ea (For the First press only)
  • LIMITED PHOTO CARD : 1ea (Random 1ea out of 7ea) (For the First press only)
  • LIMITED POLAROID : 1ea (For the First press only) (Randomly included only in some quantities of first press albums / not included in all first press)
ateez fever part 2 set version kshopina



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