[Heimish] All Clean Green Foam 150g

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[Heimish] All Clean Green Foam 150g

  • Sweeping yet Non-stripping Vegan Gel Cleanser For Sensitive Skin! Clear gel to rich bubble, this low pH cleanser is formulated with Witch Hazel for gentle and effective cleansing for your day & night. 
  • Vegan, Plant-based surfactant for soft cleansing - Amino Acid clarify dirt with mild lather. 
  • Worry-free formula - EWG Green ingredients, Fragrance/Color/Ethanol-free.
  • Low-irritation and vegan for those who are pregnant, sensitive/acne-prone skin, teenagers. 
  • Treat your skin right - Cica & Witch Hazel for anti-inflammatory
  • Rinse your face with water in the morning? -  Bacteria, germs or your PM moisturizers can accumulate so priming your skin is beneficial for preventing unwanted breakouts.
  • How To Use ?

    Put a moderate amount in your hand and make a rich and creamy lather. Gently massage the form over the face and rinse with warm water.

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