[THE FACE SHOP] The Solution Double Up Face Mask Sheet 20g Set (7ea)

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[THE FACE SHOP] The Solution Double Up Face Mask Sheet 20g Set (7ea)

  • The content of customized solution ingredients for each skin problem is doubled compared to the existing Solution Mask Sheet.
  • 7 solutions that fit your skin comfortably care for your skin.
    # Hydrating (Hyaluronic acid) : Essence containing hyaluronic acid fills dry skin with moisture with excellent moisture retention.
    # Pore (Tannins) : Essence containing tannin, a polyphenol ingredient, soothes shiny skin and helps pore care.
    # Brightening (Pearl) : Essence containing pearl powder and niacinamide ingredients makes dull skin clear and clean.
    # Soothing (Madecassoside) : Essence containing madecassoside helps to calm the skin.
    # Moisturizing (Ceramide) : Essence containing ceramide forms a moisture layer on the skin to make the skin moist.
    # Firming (Collagen) : Essence containing collagen and adenosine provides elasticity to saggy skin.
    # Nourishing (Propolis) : Essence containing propolis provides rich nutrition and vitality to tired skin.

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