BT21 - Wireless MIC Speaker

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BT21 - Wireless MIC Speaker

  • SIZE : 80 x 80 x 245 (mm)
  • OPERATING TIME : 6~8 Hours
  • CHARGING TIME : 2~3 Hours
  • How to use
    Power ON/OFF
    - Press the power button for a few seconds, it will turn on/off.
  • How to pair
    - After switching on the microphone the Bluetooth function is ready for use.
    - Turn on the Bluetooth on your device and connect it to the Bluetooth Name: BT21 MIC.
    - After it is successfully connected it will appear on the right side of the Bluetooth Name "connected", and now you can use your wireless microphone.
    - If you want to pair it with other devices, just disconnect it with the current device connected to it.

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