Stray Kids - [NYLON] Japan Magazine (2023.03)

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Stray Kids - [NYLON] Japan Magazine (2023.03)

* Date of Release : 2023. 03. 03
(The shipment will be after this date)

  • PAGE : 84p
  • LANGUAGE : Japanese
  • GIFT : 1 Double side photo card (ON PACK)


NYLON JAPAN (Nylon Japan) Stray Kids ISSUE (NYLON JAPAN March 2023 Special Edition) / Kaerum
* This product is a special edition that is completely different from the "NYLON JAPAN March 2023 issue" (4910068910332) released on January 27.

  • [Cover/Back Cover] Stray Kids [Appendix] Stray Kids double-sided photo card NYLON JAPAN special issue featuring the world's most popular Stray Kids in a double cover!
  • A full 40 pages of fashion projects and Spotify-linked projects that let you know the music that the members are listening to.
  • We will also deliver 50 questions and 50 answers with a little maniac question and a long interview.
  • In addition, a special appendix of postcard-sized double-sided photo cards for all members is included!
  • Stray Kids ISSUE, which is packed with the charms of the eight members, will get you drunk with the hottest scratches in the world right now!


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